Diafood has been supplying dehydrated vegetables, mushrooms, bell peppers, herbs, tubers, Chinese specialities, precooked pulses, exotic fruits and organic products since 1981.

Diafood is a market leader in dehydrated and freeze-dried bell peppers, and one of the main suppliers of a full range of dehydrated organic products.  They are specialists in air and freeze dried mushrooms as well as tomato powder, granules and flakes.  Diafood also hold the quality certificate DIN EN ISO 22000 : 2005

Represented by Alchemy in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.


Processed Fruit & Vegetables, Grains, Oils & Spices

Trade Names

Dehydrated vegetables and mushrooms are our business.
In our warehouse we have almost every type of air dried and freeze dried vegetables, mushrooms and herbs. readily available in flake, granules and powder to the Diafood quality.
• Aubergines
• Bamboo sprouts
• Basil
• Wild garlic
• Cauliflower
• Beans precooked
• Broccoli
• Chili

o Aleppo
o Arbol
o Ancho
o Bird´s eye
o Caseabel
o Chili strings „Angelhair“,-rings , -granules
o Chipotle-Rings
o Guajillo
o Habanero
o Jalapeno green and red
o Naga Jolokia
o Peguin
o Pasilla
o Piment dÉspelette
o Poblano

• Dill
• Peas, precooked
• Spring onions
• Vegetable mix
• Julienne cut
• Carrot
• Chervil
• Garlic
• Cabbage
• Leek
• Lentils, precooked
• Horseradish
• Olives
• Oregano
• Bell peppers
(Capsicum annum), red, green, yellow, mixed
• Parsnip
• Parsley leaf

• Mushrooms:
o Oyster mushrooms
o Black Fungus
o Boletus Luteus
o Champignons
o Chanterell
o Mixed mushrooms
o Shiitake
o Porcini
o Morels
o Black trumpet
o Truffel

• Rice flourl red and white
• Beetroot
• Rosemary
• Roasted onion (also as gluten-free)
• Salad herbs
• Chives
• Celery
• Soja beans sprouts
• Asparagus
• Spinach
• Cut beans / String beans
• Various leafs for soups
• Toasted onions
• Tomato
• Thyme
• Zucchini
• Onions