Indulleida, S.A. produces a wide range of fruit products. The company is based in Alguaire, in the Province of Lleida (Spain), with its own 210,000-m2 of industrial zone (usable area).

Its shareholders are cooperatives and fruit and vegetable growers who represent over 150 producers who in turn account for more than 16,000 farmers in Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia, Murcia, Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Andalucia and Southern France.

At present, Indulleida processes approximately 200,000 tonnes of fresh fruit per year, which makes them Spain’s largest producer and distributor of semi-finished fruit juice.

Represented by Alchemy in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.


Processed Fruit & Vegetables, Grains, Oils & Spices

Trade Names

Juice concentrate clear 65-70 Bx
Juice concentrate cloudy 40-60 Bx
Deionised juice concentrate 65-70 Bx
Fruit puree (conventional and baby food)
Fruit puree concentrate 16, 20, 30 Bx
Direct fruit juice (NFC)
Natural Aromas (150 & 3750 FOLDS)
Dried products / Fibres
Feed pellets
Essential Oils
Fruit preparations
Compounds (R+I Natural)
Aseptic dices
Natural extracts (R+I Natural)
Citrus cells / pulp