PB Leiner is part of the Tessenderlo Group and is the third largest producer of gelatin in the world.  With 8 plants worldwide they have a capacity of approximately 50,000 tonnes per year.  They produce a high quality range of acid and alkaline gelatins used in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Represented by Alchemy in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands


Functional Foods & Chocolate


Pharma & Nutraceuticals

Personal Care

Animal Health

Trade Names

Cryogel 200/3, Cryogel 240/3, Gelatin 200 Bloom 20#, Gelatin Calfskin 200 Bloom 40#, Gelatin Bovine 160 Bloom 8mesh, Gelatine C250 40#, Solugel 5000B, Gelatin 160 bloom 8#