VAN GEL® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate and VEEGUM® Magnesium Aluminum Silicate products are naturally occurring smectite clays that have been water-washed to optimize purity and performance. They are used as suspension stabilizers, emulsion stabilizers and thickeners in a variety of aqueous compositions. VANATURAL® Bentonite Clay is a pure, natural, bentonite clay, which disperses easily, hydrates rapidly and performs consistently.

Represented by Alchemy in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.

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Trade Names

ACTIV-8® Drier, Stabilizer and Accelerator, BILT-COTE® Anti-caking Agent, BILT-COTE® Aluminum Silicate, BILT-PLATES® Clay, BILT-PLATES® Filler, CONTINENTAL® Clay, DARVAN® Dispersant or Dispersing Agent, DARVAN® Surfactant, DIXIE CLAY® Clay, DIXIE CLAY® Filler, LANGFORD™ Clay, McNAMEE® Clay, McNAMEE® Filler, NYTAL® Talc, PAR® Clay, PEERLESS® Clay, PYRAX® Pyrophyllite, RHEOTOL® Organic Wetting and Dispersing Agent, VAN-AMID® Resin, VANATURAL® Bentonite Clay