Symrise Scent & Care offers customers competencies in fragrances, beauty and care throughout the areas of research, development, purchasing, production and sales.

Symrise Scent & Care coordinates activities between the various departments like clockwork: Consumer and Market Insights, Marketing, Research & Development as well as Perfumery all work hand-in-hand. This allows them to create products that optimally fulfill consumer needs around the world. The production sites benefit from a global, integrated supply chain and from company-wide synergies in purchasing, equipment and logistics.

Represented by Alchemy in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.


Personal Care

Animal Health

Household, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning


Fragrances: Perfumers combine aromatic raw materials like aroma chemicals and essential oils into complex fragrances (perfume oils). Symrise’s perfume oils are used in perfumes (Fine Fragrances), in personal care products (hair care products, wash lotions, skin creams, deodorant) and household products (detergent, air fresheners) as well as oral care products (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.)

Cosmetic Ingredients: Health and beauty are combined into one in the Cosmetic Ingredients business unit. The cosmetic ingredients that are created here are used in skin and hair care products, sunscreen lotions, aftershaves, shower gels, shampoos, wash lotions and deodorants. Products with nurturing characteristics are an important part of this business unit.

Aroma Molecules: The business unit is divided into the Special Fragrance Ingredients and Performance Specialties application areas. Special Fragrance Ingredients encompass aroma chemicals (intermediate products for perfume oils) of particular quality. These aroma chemicals are used for Symrise’s own perfume oil production and are also sold to customers, who make perfume oils from them