Ashland Specialty Ingredients provides specialty additives and functional ingredients, including cellulose ethers and synthetic polymers.

Represented by Alchemy in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands

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Trade Names

2-Pyrol, Advantage, Allantoin, Amylotex, Antara, Antaron, Aquaflow, Aqualon, Aquastyle, Benecel, Ceraphyl, Combizell, Culminal, Escalol, Ferronyl Iron, Gafquat, Germaben, Germall, Integra, Jaypol, Klucel, Liquapar, Lubrajel, M-Pyrol, Natrosol, Nexton, Optiphen, Pharmasolve, Plasdone, Polyclar, Polyplasdone, PVP Iodine, PVP, Rapithix, Strodex, Suttocide, Telosense, Vital