Erca Wilmar is a chemical company that runs its business on worldwide basis.  They are present in three macro-regions (Europe, Latin America and Asia) with 7 plants and operations consist of the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical specialties and chemical intermediates.

Their technologies encompass ethoxylation, esterification and amidation, quaternization and urethane polymerization, so they are able to offer an assorted and comprehensive product portfolio for a number of markets and formulating industries, primarily personal care and cosmetic, textile, leather, paper. Through established and extensive experience in the application Erca Wilmar can offer specialties and process solution to the users of the textile and construction industries.

Erca Wilmar conduct their business in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and our products and solutions always conform to those principles.

Represented by Alchemy in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands.


Timber Treatment & Pest Control
Personal Care
Animal Health
Household, Institutional & Industrial Cleaning

Trade Names

ERCANOL alcohol ethoxylates
ERCASTAT / STERAL fatty acid ethoxylates
EMULSIONANTE gliceryde ethoxylates
ERPIN fatty amine ethoxylates
IDDEOL amide ethoxylates
ERCAPAL alkylphenol ethoxylates
ERCAWAX – PEGs polyethylenglycols
ERCALIR / ERCALAN various ethoxylates
ERCACET acetilated
IDDEOL amides
SOFTENOL amide esters
ERCAMIN – SOFTENOL imidazoline and derivatives
ERCASORB sorbitan esters
ERCASORB sorbitan ester ethoxylates
ERCAREL fatty acid esters & other esters
ERCAFOS phosphate esters
ERPON sulfonates – sulfosuccinates
ERCAPUR poliuretanic dispersions
ERCAFIX / UGUAL quaternary products
ERCAPLAST specialties