MI Local Hops is dedicated to being part of the movement to re-vitalise the rich heritage of Michigan grown hops in joint venture with Empire Hop Farms.  The farm has full processing, pelletising, blending and cold storage capabilities.  In November 2015 MI Local Hops broke ground on its 30,000 square foot harvesting facility.  This facility is currently capable of processing over 350,000 pounds of hops in a harvest season and is home to two WOLF 1000 hop picking machines as well as state of the art driers and conditioning systems.

Represented by Alchemy in New Zealand & the Pacific Islands



Trade Names

CZ Hops Saaz, USA Hops Amarillo, USA Hops Azacca, USA Hops Cascade, USA Hops Centennial, USA Hops Columbus, USA Hops El Dorado, USA Hops Idaho 7, USA Hops Mi Chinook, USA Hops Mi Copper, USA Hops Mi Crystal, USA Hops Sorachi Ace