PB Leiner is part of the Tessenderlo Group and is the third largest producer of gelatin in the world.  With 8 plants worldwide they have a capacity of approximately 50,000 tonnes per year.  PB Leiner produce a high quality range of acid and alkaline gelatins, cold water soluble gelatin, as well as highly soluble collagen for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Represented by Alchemy in Australia, New Zealand & the Pacific Islands


Functional Foods & Chocolate


Pharma & Nutraceuticals

Personal Care

Animal Health

Trade Names

Cryogel 200/3, Cryogel 240/3, Gelatin 200 Bloom 20#, Gelatin Calfskin 200 Bloom 40#, Gelatin Bovine 160 Bloom 8mesh, Gelatine C250 40#, Solugel 5000B, Gelatin 160 bloom 8#